Top Types of Screw Heads Defined

Top Types of Screw Heads Defined

When trying to determine what screw to use, it can seem overwhelming due to the large number of heads, drive types, sizes and uses available. Today we are going to focus on the different types of screw heads and their common features.   

Flat Head Screws - these screws sit flush with the surface they are used on which makes them a common choice for furniture applications as they can be easily hidden with a screw cover.  These screws coming in varying degrees which is based on the distance from the top of the screw to the start of the threading.

Raised or Oval Head Screws - these screws feature a dome shaped head and are typically used in applications where more torque is required.  The raised head allows for a stronger gripping surface to making driving the screw in easier. This is also a countersunk screw type.

Domed Head Screws - this is the most common type of screw as it can be used in any application that does not require the head to be hidden.  There are more varieties of this head type than any other type of screw head. 

Bugle Head Screws - these screws are a self-drilling screw that are most commonly used in drywall applications.  The look similar to a flat head screw but feature a curved shape under the head to prevent damage to the surface the screw is being applied to.  The screw head presses into the material easily which makes them also a great option when working with soft wood where you want the screw to sit flush with the surface.

Pan Head Screws - most commonly used in metal applications, these screws are the most common type of round screw head.  This is a non-countersunk screw, so the working load is distributed throughout the surface.  Most come in a polished finish.

Truss Head Screws - these screws are also commonly used in sheet metal applications, but they have a wider head than pan head screws.  They have a low profile and provide a very high level of strength and load distribution which makes them a common choice in aerospace applications.

Hex Head Screws - these screws have a six-sided head and are used in high torque applications.  As with most screws they come in varying materials and sizes.  These screws are commonly used in the HAVC industry.

Socket Cap Head Screws - although they come in a variety of lengths and material, the one commonality of these screws is they have a head that looks like a cap.  The socket of the screw is in their head and are often used on machine panels.

These are just the most commonly used types of screw head but there are many other types available, and all of these have a wide range of sizes, finishes, material and usage.  Our experts are here to assist you with any questions you have to help you find the best fasteners for your project.